About us

Ukraine Sea Group has been operating on the market for over 12 years, providing aluminum windows design, manufacture and installation services, as well as sliding and facade structures. Our own production capacity allows us to monitor all processes, thereby guaranteeing high quality products.

We are engaged in glazing both small buildings and premises, large objects, providing post-warranty service.

Each product has a certificate of conformity.

USG is developing dynamically in the domestic and foreign markets. Our aluminum structures are exported to many countries around the world.

Most orders are carried out for the private segment of the market, where the requirements for the product quality and work are quite high.

The structures produced by the company from the aluminum profile are durable and will last at least 80 years. Fittings or damaged elements can always be easily replaced with new ones, if necessary.

Aluminum systems are corrosion resistant, easy to maintain and, importantly, they are environmentally friendly. They are safe for both humans and the environment, and are recyclable.

In addition, aluminum window and door structures have high levels of thermal insulation and noise absorption, which means that a cozy atmosphere always reigns in your home.

Our managers are glad to tell you in detail about the system models, offer to test and help with the choice.

Contact us via call or online/email to get information on aluminium systems characteristic and price.