Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are very popular. Such structures not only have low weight and solid design, but also meet all environmental standards, being safe.

Reynaers Aluminum doors

Reynaers doors are a solution to complement your interior and lifestyle. Belgian profile manufacturer presents profiles that meet modern requirements for reliability and style.

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Aluprof Aluminum doors

Aluprof aluminum doors are a functional and aesthetic solution for the house entrance, room division, exit decoration to a winter garden or terrace.

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Why aluminum doors?

There are many reasons to choose aluminum profile doors and here are the main ones:

  • High degree of tightness;
  • Resistant to chemicals;
  • Easily washed and cleaned;
  • High degree of sound insulation;
  • Fire-resistant (most models have a flammability class G1. They do not allow the fire to spread and do not emit harmful substances when heated).

Which door profile to choose?

You can buy two types of aluminum doors:

  • Warm;
  • Cold.

Warm aluminum doors are equipped with a thermal bridge. Able to withstand a wide range of temperature changes, and does not allow cold air to pass inside. We recommend installing them in rooms with heating.

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Reynaers SlimLine 38

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Reynaers Masterline 8

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Reynaers CS 77

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Aluprof Panel Doors

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Aluprof MB-86

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Aluprof MB-70

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Aluprof MB-104

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Types of aluminum doors

Aluminum doors, depending on the type of construction, can be:

  • Swinging a classic option, which is presented in almost every home. Aluminum entrance doors also fall into this category.
  • Sliding. They have a special mechanism made of profiles, rollers and latches, which make opening very easy, and make it possible to save the room space.
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Choose what you like with High quality guarantee

We provide our clients with ample opportunities for the design ideas implementation. The aluminum doors production makes it possible to obtain a material that can be given any color and texture. With over 400 shades, you are sure to find the one that fits perfectly your desire.

There is a possibility, the door covering will repeat the structure of the tree.

You can also choose any type of door filling glass, double-glazed windows, energy saving or sun protection system.

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