Aluprof Aluminum doors

Aluprof aluminum doors are a functional and aesthetic solution for the house entrance, room division, exit decoration to a winter garden or terrace.

Aluprof Panel Doors

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Aluprof MB-86

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Aluprof MB-70

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Aluprof MB-104

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Classic and innovation with European quality and safety standards

Depending on the functional requirements, use goals and conformity to the style, you can choose:

  • Classic swing doors;
  • Lift-and-slide doors made of aluminum profile Aluprof (take up a minimum of space and fit perfectly into the interior);
  • Panel (thanks to advanced technical solutions and various designs, they can serve not just as entrance to the house, but its main feature).
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Ample opportunities for functionality and design

The popularity of Aluprof doors in Europe is due to the large number of their advantages:

  • Installation of double-glazed windows from 5 mm to 61 mm;
  • Rubber seal around the perimeter, which improves tightness;
  • The possibility of painting in more than 400 shades of the RAL palette, as well as creating a pearlescent and metallic effect;
  • Double-sided painting and cladding with a film imitating a wooden surface;
  • Compliance with fire resistance standards.
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