Aluprof MB-104


Thermal insulation (Ud) W / m²K

from 0,44

Wind load resistance Pa


Water resistance Pa

7А (300)

Air tightness

class 3

Frame depth mm


Sash depth mm


Fill panel thickness mm

up to 95

Max sash size L mm

up to 1400

Max sash size H mm

up to 2600

Aluprof MB-104 door system is designed in such a way that it has an ideal level of heat transfer.

Due to the profile small installation depth, it is easy to achieve the effect of a flat surface without a protruding frame when closing the doors.

MB-104 system is equipped with a 3-chamber design, and you can always choose one of three levels of thermal insulation suitable for a particular room.

The innovative air-gel inserts to the MB-104 Passive AERO allow you to achieve the highest level of heat retention inside.

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