Reynaers Masterline 8


Thermal insulation (Uf) W / m²K

2,2 / 1,4

Water resistance

7А (300)

Soundproofing dB

43 (-1; -4)

Max. Ventilation opening height mm


Air tightness max. test pressure Pa

4 (600)

Max. deflector width mm


Max. weight kg


Masterline 8 aluminum doors are durable, reliable structures. One of their main features is coplanarity. When closed, the door creates a look of one piece with the wall. The box does not stand out in any way. This makes it possible to make the interior even more stylish and neat.

Masterline 8 doors can be filled with double-glazed windows or blank panels, and to open towards you or away from you, to your choice.

We offer a wide selection of fittings, including automatic one, for example, opening with a fingerprint.

The high level of thermal insulation and tightness is confirmed by the Passive Housing certificate.

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