Aluprof Sliding systems

Polish manufactured systems are presented not only in aluminum structures with a swivel or inclined opening method, but also as Aluprof sliding systems.


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Aluprof MB-86 FOLD LINE

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Aluprof MB-77HS

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Aluprof MB-59HS

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Ergonomics is important

Aluprof sliding windows have comfortable sashes that easily slide along the glazing line, which makes opening easy and free space by the window. You can hang blinds or curtains that will not interfere with the movement of the shutters.

At the same time, Aluprof sliding structures have a simple production technology. This significantly reduces the time for their production.

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Minimum heat transfer and weather conditions protection

Aluprof sliding windows have wide thermal inserts, plastic chamber profiles and plastic inlays. Thanks to them, the heat transfer rate is at a low level.

In addition, Aluprof sliding aluminum doors have excellent air and water tightness.

Aluprof aluminum sliding systems are lightweight: 1 sq. m of glazing – about 5.5 kg, while PVC glazing can weigh several tens of kilograms.

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