Reynaers CF 77


Thermal insulation (Uf) W / m²K


Wind load resistance Pa

В3 (1200)

Water resistance Pa

6А (250)

Soundproofing dB

45 (-1; -5)

Air tightness max. test pressure Pa

4 (600 Pa)

Max. ventilation height mm


Маx. deflector glass thickness mm


Max. deflector width mm


Reynaers CF 77 system is an accordion door that can do two things at the same time: save space and provide a great view.

Depending on your wishes, the system can open outward or inward. At the same time, it is possible to install a “door” – a sash that can be opened separately from the rest of the structure when it is completely closed.

 Reynaers CF 77 can easily become part of the interior thanks to two possible profile options: functional and Slim Line. It is widely distinguished by its special subtlety and grace.


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