Reynaers CP 130-LS


Thermal insulation (Uf) W / m²K


Wind load resistance Pa

C4 (1600)

Water resistance Pa

E750 (750)

Soundproofing dB

39 (-1; -3)

Air tightness max. test pressure Pa

4 (600)

Max. deflector height mm


Max. deflector glass thickness mm


Max. deflector width mm


Reynaers CP 130 are lift-and-slide constructions, which are often used in private construction systems. The mechanism works quietly and smoothly. You just need to turn the handle and push the sash slightly, without any extra effort.

You can install an automatic drive by pressing one button.

Reynaers CP 130 system allows the large sash sizes and weights installation, up to 300 kg each, which makes it possible to implement various design ideas.

For convenience, installation with a low threshold is possible.

At the same time, Reynaers CP 130 design has high thermal insulation characteristics.


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