Aluprof MB-86 US ST, SI, AERO


Thermal insulation (Uf) W / m²K MB-86 US ST

from 1,03

Thermal insulation (Uf) W / m²K MB-86 US SI

from 1,01

Thermal insulation (Uf) W / m²K MB-86 US AERO

from 0,86

Wind load resistance Pa


Water resistance

E (1350)

Air tightness

class 4

Frame depth mm


Sash depth mm


Max. sash weight kg


Original exterior is the main distinguishing feature of their design. The sash is hidden behind the base profile, and the glass in all sash types (open and deaf) are at the same level. Therefore, they have the same look.

Externally, the window has got a small frame width, which provides maximum light access.

The ability to install glasses of various thicknesses allows you to choose any type of double-glazed window (2 and 3 chambers).

For all design options: ST, SI, AERO, air-gelmaterial  is used to provide the required level of thermal insulation.

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