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Aluminum is not only very durable, but also environmentally friendly material. That’s why aluminum doors are so popular today. Our company offers you different types of door constructions made of this metal. Both: external and internal.

Types of aluminium doors


aluminum entrance doors


Doors, made of  the aluminum profile are divided into several kinds according to the type of construction. The most common are swinging doors. They are suspended on hinges and opening or closing occurs if you pull or push them. Another popular type of doors – sliding. Leaves roll back in different directions or come to each other. Harmonica doors can be also interesting to your attention. Also, very common are pendulum doors. Where leaves can swing in both directions, inward and outward. We must admit that aluminium doors are more lightweight than constructions made of other materials, like wood or metal-plastic. The same time, prices are more than affordable. The surface of aluminum products can be given any color and texture. Imitation of a structure of a wood is very popular. Aluminum doors, the same as windows are made of two kinds of profile: warm and cold.The first one is supplemented with a polymer insert (so-called thermal bridge) and does not freeze at low temperatures. Products made of cold profile do not have such a thermal bridge. So, it must be taken into account that the temperature of such a door will be identical both outside and inside the room.

types of aluminum doors


Choose the door made of aluminium profile


If you decided to install aluminum entrance doors, then experts of our company will recommend you to choose a “warm” version of the design. This helps to protect the premises from the penetration of cold, significantly reduces heat losses and, accordingly, heating costs. “Cold” doors are perfect for utility rooms and warehouses that are not heated. They can be also installed inside the heated premises – in this case the temperature on both sides will not matter. Beside, “cold” doors can be combined with warm doors. In case if your premises has a vestibule. Thus, you can lower the costs for the installation of the whole construction.

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