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 Reynaers Masterline 10 (Belgium)

Reynaers Masterline 10 HiWindow systems of the Masterline 10 series of the leading world manufacturer Reynaers, specially created for energy-saving – passive houses with low energy consumption, which are a real trend in modern construction. They provide unimpeded access to daylight to the maximum with high degrees of security, which can reach the third class of burglary protection.

In terms of breadth of use, the possibilities of MasterLine 10 windows are almost endless. They are available in three versions of thermal conductivity and contain the maximum range of frames, imposts, other components, combining which, you can create different options for panoramic glazing, sliding systems, magnificent stained-glass windows. And branded format double-glazed windows and a wide range of Renaissance – Re and Deco – De profiles allow you to implement the most interesting design projects.

The MasterLine 10 line uses many elements from the MasterLine 8 series, such as corner connectors, which seal components, a half-profile, which provides unification and high performance windows. All this allows us to solve a wide variety of problems, both in residential and public buildings.


Reynaers Masterline 8 (Belgium)

Reynaers Masterline 8 HiThe innovative MasterLine 8 windows of the leading global manufacturer Reynaers, combining a variety of designs, can be an excellent option to support modern architectural trends that require maximum daylight at the highest degrees of insulation.

The MasterLine 8 system is the best in its class in such parameters as sound insulation, air and water resistance. In terms of thermal insulation, it is available in three versions. The first variety is intended for rooms with a high degree of thermal insulation, the second – with low energy consumption and the third – generally for energy-passive structures. All this is achieved through the use of the latest materials and profile designs that turn “cold” aluminum into “warm” windows.

The MasterLine 8 concept provides the possibility of combining different types of opening, design and insulation options, which ensures maximum versatility in the use of windows, allowing designers and architects to realize interesting projects. And the minimalistic design of the MasterLine 8 line itself can support any architectural style and create the basis for the implementation of any individual projects.


Schüco AWS 90.SI+ (Germany)

Schüco AWS 90.SI+The windows of the German manufacturer Schuco AWS 90.SI + with an installation depth of 90 mm are the most popular in this innovative line. They combine all the advantages of modern aluminum structures with a maximum degree of thermal insulation, which allows you to create stylish and durable window panels.

The high level of thermal insulation of windows AWS 90.SI +, corresponding to the Passive House standard, is achieved due to the special design of the aluminum profile and the use of innovative expanded foam inserts that provide optimal thermal separation. And double-chamber double-glazed windows of these windows provide good sound insulation, impact resistance and sun protection.

Another indisputable advantage of these windows is the wide capabilities of the AWS “designer”, which allows us to satisfy the most complex architectural and design requests. Compatibility with AvanTec hidden fittings creates even more design possibilities, which creates opportunities for glazing large formats. And the use of TipTronic accessories reveals the additional energy potential of buildings. With all of these features, AWS 90.SI + windows can safely be called future technologies.

Schüco AWS 75.SI (Germany)

windows Schuco AWS 75.SISchuco AWS 75.SI aluminum windows are an organic combination of superior performance, durability of aluminum and high thermal insulation properties. This window series with an installation depth of only 75 mm has become the standard for energy-saving translucent structures in Europe. So why is she good? Maximum energy-saving properties. The manufacturer managed to achieve a low heat transfer rate, Uf from just 0.92 W / (m²K). Low heat loss was provided by a multi-chamber thermal bridge filled with foamed polymer. Glass compounds in double-glazed windows are also insulated. The Schuco AWS 75.SI system does not even have the slightest heat bridges. Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere in your home, office, and it doesn’t matter, outside the window there are gale-force winds, frost or tropical heat. Superior design and architectural features The Schuco AWS 75.SI blocky warm aluminum windows bring your vision to life. Tape aluminum windows from the floor to the ceiling, panoramic windows for the terrace, the option with hidden sashes visually imitates post-and-beam facades. A modification is also available that imitates the old RL binding. The profile can be coated with powder paint of any color. Functionality The manufacturer has provided all possible wishes. Opening the sash in or out, manual or automatic opening (Schüco TipTronic fittings), compatible with other brand profile systems. Schuco AWS 75.SI will allow to realize any your idea. Multipoint locking system provides high resistance to cracking.

You can buy aluminum windows in Kiev from the official representative – the company Ukraine Sea Group.

Etem- E75 (Greece)

окна Etem- E75

Etem-E75 is a warm universal system for the manufacture of aluminum windows and doors, solving a wide range of tasks. Swing or tilt-and-tear aluminum windows, sliding or swinging doors, entrance groups with high intensity of use – nothing is possible for Etem-E75 profiles. The enlarged thermal bridge with a width of 39 mm filled with foamed polymer ensured high energy-saving properties. Uf = 1.3 W / m2. They can be equipped with double-glazed windows up to 41 mm thick, polycarbonate bags, sandwich panels. This is ideal for those who want to minimize heating and air conditioning costs. The multi-point locking system provides high density and resistance to breaking.

The manufacturer of aluminum windows in Kiev has provided several style solutions, it is possible to order the profile painting with powder paint in any color.




Alutech-W 72 (Belarus)

Alutech W72Select warm aluminum windows and doors with superior heat and sound insulation performance? And you don’t want to overpay for an advertised brand? Then it is worth buying aluminum windows Alutech-W 72. The Belarusian manufacturer worked in its profiles the smallest details and created ideal aluminum windows for installation in “energy-efficient” and “passive” buildings. A multi-chamber polymer thermobridge filled with 34 mm thick foam material will provide heat transfer resistance of 0.62 m2 ° C / W. For the production of the profiles themselves, the patented AlMg0,7Si 6060 alloy was used, which has several advantages: increased rigidity and load-bearing ability, high manufacturing accuracy, and corrosion resistance. Synthetic rubber seals retain elasticity over a wide temperature range and provide wind, moisture resistance (Class A and Class A0, respectively). Sound insulation up to 43 dB. Aluminum windows Alutech-W 72 can be equipped with energy-saving single and double chamber double-glazed windows up to 34 mm thick. It is possible to produce one and two-leaf pivot and tilt-and-turn aluminum windows in Kiev with opening outwards or inwards.

Alumil-M11500 (Greece)


Alumil-M11500 is the most modern and warmest system in the line of the Greek brand, which you can buy from us in Kiev. The width of the three-chamber polymer (polyamide) insert reaches 3.8 cm in the frame and 3.6 cm in the casement. Heat transfer resistance 0.61 m2S / W. It is suitable for creating aluminum windows, entrance doors, panoramic stained-glass windows in an area with sharp temperature changes. Aluminum windows Alumil-M11500 will protect you from the debilitating heat, and from the piercing wind, tropical rain and northern frosts. The system solution is tested by the IFT Rosenheim Institute, complies with the Group 1.0 standard. and Group C on thermal insulation, air, moisture resistance. Sound insulation up to 52 dB. Features: – multi-chamber gaskets ALUSEAL made of EPDM rubber; – options with a low, medium or high threshold are possible; – several options for style solutions: Flat, Round, Classic, PVC-look; – the thermal bridge is reinforced with fiberglass to increase the rigidity of the entire structure; – frame depth: 76.5 cm; – It can be completed with warm double-glazed windows up to 71.5 cm thick and weighing up to 130 kg; The Ukrainian Sea Group company offers you to buy aluminum windows in Kiev in two versions of window systems: the “cold profile system” and the “warm profile system”. If the first system is designed mainly for non-heated rooms, the second is quite suitable for all heated rooms due to the insulating insert located between the outer and inner parts of the aluminum profile.
We can help you choose aluminum windows (Kiev) that best suit your needs.

Aluminum windows not thermo.

Profilco PR -52 (Greece)

Окна Profilco PR -52 Profilco PR -52 cold aluminum windows – an elegant solution for creating pivoting, tilt-and-turn aluminum windows, doors, partitions indoors. The system is fully equipped, opening both in and out is available. It has excellent operational properties, including high tightness, sound insulation, differs in the simplified production of window structures. In Profilco PR-52 EPDM rubber seals are laid in three contours, a vulcanized joint in the corners – all this ensured high tightness, resistance to wind loads. Additionally, drainage channels are provided for quick removal of moisture. Cold windows made of Profilco PR -52 aluminum profile can be equipped with tempered glass or double-glazed windows up to 32 mm thick. To simplify the cutting process and increase the bearing capacity, the upper part is reinforced by 15% compared to standard solutions, it can easily withstand the weight of an adult. Visible width – 5.2 cm. Application Note! Profilco PR -52 is a non-insulated cold window system made of aluminum. It is possible to buy aluminum windows in Kiev for: – glazing of unheated balconies, loggias; – Installation of cold aluminum windows and doors in unheated rooms; – manufacturing of corner structures, including office partitions inside buildings.

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