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“Ukraine Sea Group” LLC offers you aluminum windows from the most popular aluminum systems manufacturers. Such as Reynaers, ALUMIL, Schuco, Alutech, Profilco. Having our own production base, experienced engineers and skilled workers, we perform complex and non-standard tasks for glazing of private houses and cottages, as well as production and logistics bases, public buildings and constructions.

Aluminum constructions are the larger range of products: such as aluminum interior and office partitions, doors, windows, stained-glass windows and facade glazing.

Excellent characteristics of aluminium allow it to be a perfect raw material for production of window structures.

Advantages of structural aluminium systems

  • reliability and durability: service life is over 100 years;
  • precipitation and weather factors proof: structures can withstand temperatures from -80 ° C to + 135 ° C;
  • resistance to the negative environment factors: corrosion, acids, oils, gases, ultraviolet radiation;
  • high strength at a low specific gravity;
  • flexible design: you can perform any non-standard form and size;
  • ecologically safe material: does not contain allergenic substances, does not emit harmful and dangerous vapors

Cold aluminium windows

Profilco PR -52 (Greece)

Profilco PR-52 is an elegant solution for the creation of turn and tilt and turn windows, doors and partitions inside of a room. The system is fully equipped, opening is possible both inside and outside. Has excellent operational properties, such as high hermeticity and perfect sound insulation. It is characterized by simplified production of window structures.

In Profilco PR-52, draught strips made of EPDM are laid in three contours, which, together with the vulcanized joints in the corners, provide high tightness and wind resistance. In addition, channels for quick drainage of moisture are provided.

Aluminum windows Profilco PR-52 can be completed with hardened glass or multiple glass units with a thickness up to 32 mm. To simplify the process of cutting and to increase the bearing capacity, the upper part is reinforced by 15% compared to standard solutions. Thus it can easily withstand the weight of an adult person.

The apparent width is 5.2 cm.

Application area:

Note! Profilco PR-52 is an uninsulated aluminum windows system. The system is ideal for:

– Glazing of non-heated balconies and loggias;

– installation of aluminum windows and doors in non-heated rooms;

– manufacture of corner structures, including office partitions inside of buildings.

                                                                       Alutech –C 48 (Belarus)

Non-insulated aluminum system – Alutec – C 48 is a modern solution for the manufacture of sliding (with manual or automatic opening), pendulum or swing doors, tilt and turn windows, blind partitions. It perfectly fits premices with not high requirements for thermal insulation. Like shop-windows in stores, input groups for trade, office and hotels complexes, administrative and public buildings (airports, stations), balconies, terraces, summer cafes, bars etc. The installation depth of the profile is 4.8 cm.

Main advantages:

– Simplified production of aluminum structures;

– you can install double-glazed unit with a thickness of up to 3 cm to improve sound insulation and to reduce a heat loss;

– it is possible to produce large area structures;

– instead of glass for filling, alternative materials can be used: sandwich panels made of PVC, chipboard, MDF or double-glazed windows made of polycarbonate;

– variety of thresholds to your convenience: low, high or without it.

Aluminum windows Alutech – C 48 can be painted in any color according RAL. The color quality corresponds to Qualicoat, Qualanod.

Warm aluminium windows

                                                Reynaers CS 86- HI (Belgium)

The modern market offers a huge variety of profile systems for manufacturing energy-saving windows and doors made of aluminum. But there is a brand that offers innovative solutions, combining excellent energy-saving characteristics and elegant appearance. Reynaers CS 86-HI has a multiple-cavity polymer thermal bridge, which minimizes heat transfer inside of the aluminum profile. The coefficient Uf is only 1.2 W / m²K. Energy-saving properties are confirmed by the certificate of Minergie® and Minergie-P®. The Swiss laboratory proved that by choosing the aluminum windows of Rainers, you will feel as safe as the church. Simultaneously, you can enjoy excellent views outside the window. Special, patented alloy and a complicated configuration of the system provided high rigidity and load-bearing capacity. It is possible to install a double-glazed window up to 2.4 x 1.7 m.

Reynaers CS 86- HI can be completed with double-glazed windows up to 7.2 cm thick and can be installed inside of the blinds. To increase energy-saving properties, the chambers are filled with argon. Aluminum windows and doors are equipped with a multi-circuit sealing system, ensuring airtightness of a class 4 (600 Pa) and water resistance of a class 9A (600 Pa). Sound insulation up to 44 dB.

Reynaers CS 86- HI systems are compatible with sliding and harmonica systems.

                                                          Reynaers-CS 77 (Belgium)

Do you want to protect your home or office from any adversity and feel maximum safety? Aluminum windows and doors Reynaers-CS 77 will be an Ideal choice for this.

Reynaers-CS 77 is a thermally insulated system for the manufacture of aluminum windows with a mountain depth of 76 mm. The three-chamber thermal bridge provides  insulation at the level of a 1.6 W / m²K. It is equipped with warm one and two-chamber double-glazed windows with up to 51 mm thick. This is an ideal solution modern buildings, which are constructed using energy-saving technologies. This system has also excellent anti-burglary properties. Multi-point locking system and reinforced accessories provide resistance to breaking according to standard WK3. Also, the Belgian manufacturer produces a bullet-proof modification of the system – CS 77-BP.

A lot of attention was also paid to the aesthetic characteristics. There are three variants of stylistic solutions: renaissance, concealed leaf, functional. Whatever option you choose, it will ideally fit both: modern and classic styles of the interior. Profiles can be repainted in any color. Powder paint does not sunburn and is shocks-resisting. Profiles are compatible with the Reinars sliding systems and can be also used for the manufacture of doors.

                                                                Schuco AWS 75.SI (Germany)

Schuco AWS 75.SI is an organic combination of excellent performance characteristics, durability of aluminum and high thermal insulation properties. This windows serie with a mounting depth of 75 mm has become the standard for energy-saving translucent structures in Europe. So, why is it good?

Maximal energy saving properties.


The manufacturer managed to achieve a low heat transfer index, Uf is only 0.92 W / (m²K). Low heat loss was provided by a multi-chamber thermal bridge filled with expanded polymer. Also, the glass joints in glass units are insulated. Enjoy a comfortable environment in your house or office, and no matter what kind of weather is outside the window:hurricane wind, frost or tropical heat.


Perfect design and architectural opportunities.

Block aluminum windows Schueco AWS 75.SI allow you to realize any idea. Tape aluminum windows from the floor to the ceiling, picture windows for the terrace. Option with hidden leaves visually imitates the post-and-transom facades. Also a modification that imitates the ancient RL binding is available. The profile can be covered with powder paint of any color.


The manufacturer foresaw all possible wishes. Leaf can be opened inside or outside. Manually or automatically. (Schüco TipTronic accessories). Compatibility with other profile systems of the brand. Schuco AWS 75.SI will emobody any of your ideas. Multiple points  locking system provides high burglary protection.

                                                                Schuco AWS 70.HI (Germany)

The modern market is overwhelmed with windows systems. But there are profiles that differentiate themselves from the others. For example aluminum windows Schueco AWS 70.HI. The German manufacturer managed almost impossible. This system is lightweight, thin with a mountain depth of 7 cm. These windows are distinguished by excellent energy-saving characteristics. Heat transfer is only Uf = 1.6 W / (m²K) (resistance to heat transfer – 0.71 m²K / W). The visible width of the frame is 11.7 mm. With Shuko AWS 70 systems your house will always be filled with a natural light.

Light weight, thickness, low thermal conductivity make the system universal. This is an excellent option for replacing old windows in the reconstruction of buildings as well as an excellent choice for glazing of new buildings built in accordance with modern energy-saving standards. Aluminum windows Schuco AWS 70.HI are suitable for glazing balconies, loggias, can perform as windows for terraces and conservatories, modern frame buildings. Aluminum windows Schueco AWS 70.HI is also a unique, exquisite design. There are several style solutions for your choice: restrained, rectilinear classics, rounded contours of the leaves with beveled outside contours or  imitation of stainless steel. Profiles can be painted in any color (powder coating).

Inward or outward opening: up to customer’s choice. The system can also be equipped with an electric drive (Schüco TipTronic).

                                                                Etem- E75  (Greece)

Etem-E75 is a warm universal system for the manufacture of windows and doors, solving a wide range of tasks. Turning or tilt and turn aluminum windows, sliding or pendulum doors, entrance groups with high intensity of use  – all this is more than possible with  profiles Etem-E75. An increased thermal bridge with a width of 39 mm filled with a foamed polymer provides high energy-saving properties. Uf = 1.3 W / m2. Can be completed with double-glazed windows up to 41 mm thick, polycarbonate bags or sandwich panels. This is an ideal option for those who wants to minimize the costs of heating and air conditioning.


Etem-E75 uses improved, multi-chamber caoutchouc draught strips. They retain elasticity and maximum tightness along with a great sound insulation. Great advantage of this profile system – is that it’s possible to install mechanisms for manufacturing smokeproof doors.The multi-point locking system provides high density and resistance to burglary. Water resistance – EN 12208, air permeance – EN 12207.The manufacturer has provided several stylistic solutions. The profile can be painted in any color.

                                                                     Alutech-W 72 (Belarus)

If you are looking for aluminum windows and doors with an excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics and don’t want to overpay for a popular brand, then you should take a closer look at the Alutech-W 72 system. The Belarusian manufacturer has worked at the smallest details in its profiles and created ideal aluminum windows for installation in “energy efficient” and “passive” buildings.

A multiple cavity polymer thermal bridge, filled with a foamed material with a thickness of 34mm, will provide resistance to heat transfer at a level of 0.62 m2 ° C / W. For the manufacturing of the profiles patented alloy AlMg0.7Si 6060 is used. It has a number of advantages: increased rigidity and bearing capacity, high accuracy manufacturing, corrosion resistance.


Draught strips made of synthetic caoutchouc retain elasticity over a wide range of temperatures and provide wind and moisture resistance (Class A and Class A0, respectively). Sound insulation up to 43 dB.

Alutech-W 72 aluminum windows can be completed with energy-saving one and double-chambered window units, with a thickness up to 34 mm thick. It is possible to produce single and double-leaf turn and tilt and turn aluminium windows and doors. Which can be opened both: inside and outside.

                                                             Alumil-M11500 (Greece)

Alumil-M11500 is the most modern and the warmest system in the line of the Greek brand. The width of the three-cavity polymer (polyamide) insert is 3.8 cm in the frame and 3.6 cm in the leaf. Heat transfer resistance is 0.61 m2C / W. Suitable for creating aluminum windows, entrance doors, picture windows in a zone with sharp temperature changes.

Windows Alumil-M11500 will protect you and from enervating heat, piercing wind, tropical rain and northern frosts. The system solution was tested by the IFT Rosenheim Institute and meets Group 1.0 standard and Group C for thermal insulation, air and water resistance. Sound insulation is up to 52 dB.



– multiple cavity draught strips  ALUSEAL made of EPDM rubber;

– variants with a low, medium or high threshold are possible;

– several options for style solutions: Flat, Round, Classic, PVC-look;

– thermal bridge is reinforced with a fiberglass to increase the rigidity of the entire structure;

– depth of the frame is 76.5 cm;

– can be completed with warm double-glazed windows with a thickness up to 71.5mm and a weight up to 130 kg;

                                                                   Ponsio – Pe 68 N + (Italy)

What is the first thing, which we pay attention to when choosing aluminum windows? Right – energy-saving properties. Windows Ponsio – Pe 68 N + have excellent thermal insulation. This three-cavity system is manufactured in Italy under the supervision of specialists. This means that you get excellent performance and reliability at a reasonable price.

The middle chamber Pe 68 N + is a polymer insert that connects the aluminum panels. To minimize the heat losses, it is filled with foam plastic. As a result, heat transfer is only Uf = 1.8-2.0 V / m2K. Draught strips are made of caoutchouc rubber EPDM (according to ISO 3302-01, E2) and retain elasticity and tightness at any weather conditions. The system can be completed with single hardened glass, double-glazed windows or opaque sandwich panels.

The depth of the profile is 68 cm. Ponsio – Pe 68 N + has practically unlimited scope of application. Outside, the leaf is invisible, cause in the closed position it is in the same plane with the frame. Profiles can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale.


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