Facade Glazing

Facade glazing takes a special place in the modern buildings design. Even large and tall buildings change significantly. They become lighter and more elegant.

Reynaers Facade glazing

Reynaers façade glazing blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, giving the room more light, lightness and panoramic view.

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Aluprof Facade glazing

Aluprof facade glazing easily copes with this task and also allows to create other spatial designs and roof glazing.

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Full cycle: from manufacturing to installation

USG has been operating in facade glazing for many years. The accumulated experience allows us to implement projects of various complexity.

We manufacture facade structures, as well as carry out design and installation work, therefore we offer a “turnkey” glazing service to our clients. High quality materials and work, as well as efficiency are our advantages.

Facade glazing systems

There are several technologies that make it possible to fill large openings with glass, while maintaining functionality and convenience during operation:

  • Post-transom;
  • Structural;
  • Semi-structural.

Classic, post-transom aluminum facade glazing provides for the visible outer part of the translucent structure, while structural and semi-structural glazing of facades allows you to hide these elements (clamping strips).

Reynaers Element Facade 7

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Reynaers CW 86

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Reynaers CW 60

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Reynaers CW 50

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Aluprof MB-TT50

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Aluprof MB-SR60N HI

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Aluprof MB-SR50N HI

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Aluprof MB-SE75 HI

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Why are aluminum facade systems so popular?

Translucent aluminum systems have many advantages:

  • corrosion and deformation resistance;
  • the ability to manufacture classical and non-standard geometric shapes;
  • quick installation;
  • resistance to damage;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • high level of sound and heat insulation.

Choose what you like

Choosing the facade glazing, you can choose the desired shape, color, coating and type of glass (conventional, energy-saving, armored).

Facade aluminum glazing significantly reduces the cost of lighting and heating, as well as provides fire protection.

Own production of facade glazing and installation is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result of our work making your home or office to look outstanding.

Contact us via call or online/email to get information on aluminium systems characteristic and price.