Aluprof Facade glazing

Aluprof facade glazing easily copes with this task and also allows to create other spatial designs and roof glazing.

Aluprof MB-TT50

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Aluprof MB-SR60N HI

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Aluprof MB-SR50N HI

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Aluprof MB-SE75 HI

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Aluprof facade decisions

The most popular glazing group systems.

  • Mullion and transom 

These are Aluprof aluminum facades with traditional and high thermal insulation capacity, designs with sliding and hinged opening, windows with integrated facade, as well as dormer windows, which are not only functional, but also embody highly aesthetic solutions.

  • Structural and semi-structural

Such Aluprof facade systems are intended for glazing of buildings where exterior needs to be given special appeal and prestige.

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Unique physicochemical properties and look

Aluprof facade glazing has a number of advantages that explain its popularity:

  • no need for preliminary preparation before installation;
  • high aesthetic properties;
  • saving energy resources due to quality natural lighting;
  • service life over 60 years;
  • absolute resistance to any weather conditions;
  • high indicators of sound and thermal insulation.
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