Reynaers Facade glazing

Reynaers façade glazing blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, giving the room more light, lightness and panoramic view.

Reynaers Element Facade 7

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Reynaers CW 86

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Reynaers CW 60

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Reynaers CW 50

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Why are Reynaers aluminum facades so popular?

High quality and reliability are always appreciated. Reynaers has added security to it. These systems are chosen for two good reasons:

  1. Reliable base aluminum profile. This material is durable and resistant to both corrosion and UV rays. It will retain its original appearance throughout the entire period of operation, and would not dry out or swell from moisture.
  2. Double-glazed windows with several glass types options, including armored ones, makes the Reynaers facade systems reliably protected from weather disasters and intruders.
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Strength tests

So that you can be sure of reliability, Reynaers facades production includes a mandatory checking stage for various types of loads and influences: strong winds, high temperatures, seismic activity.

This allows large glass panels to be installed still guaranteeing the required level of insulation.

Author’s design based on standard solutions.

Whether you are looking to build a new home or retrofit an old one, Reynaers designs are perfect for this.

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