Terrace Glazing

Glazing is needed to be understood through its concepts. Indeed, as practice shows, many of our clients confuse a veranda and a terrace meanings. But the process itself and the expected result depend on this.

Aluminum systems

The terrace is, undoubtedly, a chic place to relax. Thus, you can face some uncomfortable points while it is open: insects, dust, dirt, moisture that dries up for a long time from rain. Therefore, some terrace owners are resorting to glazing in this area.

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All-glass systems

All-glass systems is an excellent option for terrace zoning.

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Terrace and veranda, what's the difference?

These concepts are often confused. But there is a difference, and it is significant:

  • Veranda always has two or three walls, a roof and a foundation, as a continuation of the house. The glazing of the veranda can be made with classic double-glazed windows of standard sizes;
  • Terrace has no foundation. It is being built elevated from the ground by 15-20 cm and has no walls. Therefore, the glazing of the terrace takes place mainly with panoramic windows, which do not interfere with the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding views.

Should you glaze your terrace?

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Glazing options

When choosing windows for veranda or sliding windows for terrace, you should pay attention to two important factors:

  • aesthetics;
  • aluminum profile type.

Terrace glazing with aluminum profile can be:

  • “Cold” frameless structures. Suitable terrace glazing without heating, separate from the house. Such structures do not have visible frames and can easily replace even an entire wall;
  • “Cold” aluminum profile systems. Aluminum glazing of the terrace with such structures is an economical, at the same time, reliable option;
  • “Warm” systems from an aluminum profile. These windows will help to create a real comfort inside.

Cold or warm, which one to choose?

It all depends on your requirements. So, what are the advantages of “cold” doors to the terrace?

  • go well with any interior option;
  • protect from wind, dust, insects;
  • thanks to the silicone seal and sealed fittings, they will not allow water to get inside.

Cold aluminum sliding patio windows are also affordable.

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What are the options for opening aluminum systems?

The way of opening is another important characteristic that should be taken into account when choosing glazing for terraces. It can be of the following types:

  • swing structures as a traditional, affordable option. It is only worth considering the availability of space for the full opening of the sashes;
  • sliding systems. Aluminum windows to the veranda of this type open like a wardrobe, sliding to the side;
  • lifting and sliding are more sealed. Sliding doors to the terrace are suitable when it is necessary to increase the level of thermal insulation of the room;
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