All-glass systems

All-glass systems is an excellent option for terrace zoning.

Modern space organizing approach

Translucent dividing systems make it possible to create a uniform look for your terrace, making it as functional as possible.

Glass terrace structures provide good illumination and an excellent view of the interior, thanks to their transparency,

Such systems are not equipped with vertical profiles. The glass is held in a terminal strip, which is fixed to the floor and ceiling. The glass thickness can vary in the range of 8-12 mm.

What type of opening is best for all-glass structures?

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Advantages of all-glass terrace structures

All-glass systems are beautiful, stylish and functional. Reasons:

  • they allow the light flow and you can save on electricity;
  • all-glass terrace structures can be installed even after the final construction of the terrace and finishing;
  • tempered installation glass is resistant and safe.

The all-glass terrace partition is a practical and stylish solution. We will be happy to embody all your creative ideas.

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