Aluminum systems

The terrace is, undoubtedly, a chic place to relax. Thus, you can face some uncomfortable points while it is open: insects, dust, dirt, moisture that dries up for a long time from rain. Therefore, some terrace owners are resorting to glazing in this area.

The glazing options we offer

Depending on the needs:

  • “Cold” aluminum profile systems. Their thermal insulation characteristics are low, therefore such structures are suitable for terraces that are not heated.
  • “Warm” aluminum systems. You can create a home-like atmosphere. High levels of heat and sound insulation make the rest on the terrace as comfortable as possible.
  • Frameless “cold” glazing. Suitable for detached terraces without heating. Constructions without visible frames do not interfere with the surrounding landscape admiration.


Aluminum terrace systems opening options

Convenience and functionality are important characteristics to look out for. Therefore, the opening mechanism is just as important as the choice of profile. 

Choose from the following options:

  • Swing structures. The traditional version with an optimal price-quality ratio.
  • Sliding systems. They work on the principle of the well-known wardrobe-compartment. Easy and convenient.
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