Aluminum glazing systems: windows, doors, sliding systems

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Aluminum structures have long earned the confidence and popularity in many industries. They have taken an honorable place at our homes, windows, doors, sliding systems and many other designs that make modern life more comfortable.


Aluminum Doors

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Aluminum Windows

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Aluminum Sliding Systems

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Facade Glazing

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Terrace Glazing

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Office Partitions

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We offer you aluminum window constructions of well-known and time-tested manufacturers:

Reynaers is considered as one of the recognized innovation leaders in the aluminum structures design, Belgium. The company's products are constantly tested for compliance with strength standards, characteristics of thermal insulation, air and moisture resistance.
Aluprof is known as one of the largest Polish aluminum systems distributors being distinguished by reliability, safety and aesthetics.

Choosing advanced technologies, we make two variants profile systems:

Production of aluminum windows is our number one priority.

Warm glazing system

Cold glazing system

The USG aluminum profiles manufacturing facility works in two directions:


(business to business) providing services to the corporate clients

We will prepare a unique advantageous offer for long-term cooperation:

  • For architects
  • Project managers
  • For construction companies
  • For designers


(business to customer) focusing on the mass consumer

You can not only buy aluminum structures, but also get the full range of turn-key services project creation, calculation, manufacture, delivery, installation and maintenance. The products meet all DSTU, national standards of Ukraine, at the time aluminum profiles will serve you more than 80 years with the proper operation.ъ

Why aluminum profile?

Aluminum is a very malleable material. It allows you to embody the most unusual architectural forms that your imagination and creativity wants.

If you need to arrange entrance to the winter garden, pool or terrace, we will make and install panoramic sliding structures that will not only solve the problem of comfort, but also save space, perfectly complementing the interior due to its stylish look.

Buying aluminum systems is one of the best solutions, as they have many advantages:

  1. High strength at relatively low density
  2. Absolute safety for health (not contain harmful components)
  3. Wide variety of temperature modes (functional from -80 to +100 degrees)
  4. Have an attractive design look
  5. Corrosion resistant

Contact us via call or online/email to get information on aluminium systems characteristic and price.