Office Partitions

Today many offices operate on an open space basis. To maintain such space organization, at the same time to give each employee the opportunity to feel comfortable in the workplace, you should pay attention to office partitions.

All-glass partitions

All-glass partitions is a convenient solution for zone space division. Such designs can often be found in shopping malls, shops, offices. They allow you to use daylight with maximum efficiency, visually enlarging the room.

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Aluminum partitions

Aluminum partitions are great for large offices. They not only allow you to divide the area, but also make it possible to take into account the various nuances of the premises: limited space, ergonomics, the amount of light. A well-thought-out design will easily hide communications and make it possible to install doors.

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Possible designs

We offer office glass partitions based on a durable aluminum profile that can easily support even the heavy weight of large glass inserts.

Depending on the client’s wishes and the required functionality, office partitions can have several options:

  • With internal filling from MDF or chipboard;
  • Single glass;
  • Double glass (blinds can be installed inside the glass unit).

Advantages of aluminum partitions

The manufacture of office partitions is a fairly simple process for modern technology, which explains the affordable price of the structures.

Besides that, they have a large number of advantages:

  • Low weight;
  • Mobility (office partitions made of glass are easily dismantled and re-installed in a new place, if the office, for example, moves or a redevelop decision is made);
  • Various options for filling (glass, opaque filling: drywall, chipboard, combined);
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Where can such an office partition be used?

  • In open space offices to separate workplaces;
  • In small rooms where you need to regularly change the functionality of the space;
  • On summer grounds of cafés and restaurants, if you need to protect visitors from wind, rain, scorching sun.

Partitions model variety makes it possible to create a unique style of office. You can order classic transparent or darkened office partitions, combined chipboard + glass or MDF + glass, as well as made in a variety of color variations.

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Personal and comfortable workplace in an "open office"

The ability to concentrate, work in silence, focused document study, thereby increasing the productivity of work the primary requirement of the office employees.

Office partitions is a simple and effective way of addressing these issues, providing sufficient sound insulation, maintaining visual lightness and filling the workplace with light.

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