All-glass partitions

All-glass partitions is a convenient solution for zone space division. Such designs can often be found in shopping malls, shops, offices. They allow you to use daylight with maximum efficiency, visually enlarging the room.

Glass partitions constructions

All-glass partition can be made in a system with two door types:

  • Pendulum (swinging);
  • Retractable.

All-glass doors with a pendulum mechanism can be open in both directions, and return to their original position.

Glass structures with a retractable system are perfect for small spaces.

“Ukraine Si Group” manufactures all-glass partitions, which are transformed and mounted on a hanging rail. This system is attached only to the ceiling, and allows you to maintain the integrity of the floor.

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Installation features

Compared to aluminum constructions, all-glass office partitions can have a larger area and more refined and elegant look.

Installation specifications:

  • The profile remains almost invisible (visible part – only 25 mm);
  • Three-point fastening: ceiling – floor – wall. The other plane is filled with glass;
  • Joint to joint panels connection that practically excludes visibility of “seams”;
  • Glass thickness – 10-12 mm provides lightness and airiness of systems.
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