Aluminum partitions

Aluminum partitions are great for large offices. They not only allow you to divide the area, but also make it possible to take into account the various nuances of the premises: limited space, ergonomics, the amount of light. A well-thought-out design will easily hide communications and make it possible to install doors.

Optimal space organization

Aluminum office partitions allow you to solve a large number of tasks:

  • Divide the space;
  • Create comfort and individual jobs;
  • Save space;
  • Provide sound insulation.

At the same time, office partitions made of aluminum profiles fit well into any interior.

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Various solutions for every need

A small amount of space, high permeability, the ability to move or remove. There are different types of aluminum partitions for all these tasks:

  • Stationary. These aluminum partitions are fixed to the floor and ceiling, are very durable and have a high level of sound insulation.
  • Mobile. These aluminum partitions require minimal installation time, as they have floor attachment. If necessary, they are easily removed and carried.
  • Sliding aluminum partitions save space. They move along a guide rail, which is mounted to the ceiling in offices for the ease of use.
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