Glazing of verandas and terraces.

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Terrace – is  one of the elements of a residential building, which performs both practical and decorative functions. “Ukraine Sea Group” company renders services for the design, manufacture and installation of various structures for the arrangement of terraces. Our experts have vast experience in glazing of verandas, terraces, gazebos, restaurants and other facilities.

Services in a glazing of a terrace, verandah, arbor

Our experts have vast experience in glazing of verandas, terraces, gazebos, restaurants and other facilities.

terrace glazing with sliding systemsWe can offer several popular types of glazing: panoramic, frameless and warm. Installation of sliding systems and aluminum windows is also available.

Glazing of the terrace with sliding structures is considered the most effective and has a number of advantages:

  • no stationary frames;
  • saving of the usable area of ​​the terrace;
  • the elements of the construction can be comfortably moved apart and shifted.

Advantages of using an aluminum profile:

Glazing of the terrace, with the usage of the aluminum profile, can be carried out in various ways. Such an approach has a lot of advantages. Using aluminium profile you can make a warm or cold (frameless) glazing of the terrace, using facade technique.

The second way (frameless) is considered to be the simplest. At the same time it is called “elite”. Frameless glazing of the terrace requires using of a glass of a high strength.


  • a lot of natural light enters the room;
  • improves the microclimate;
  • decreases the level of dampness;
  • it is possible to make a designs of different configurations;
  • provides a panoramic effect;
  • the design looks stylish and elegant;
  • the sliding glazing of the terrace allows you to move a part of the structure, to enjoy  a good weather.

Panoramic glazing of the terrace gives an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscapes without any restrictions. In this case, even the ceiling is made transparent. That is, the terrace is completely made of glass. Constructions can be of any shape and size. Our specialists will provide you with a reliable system for opening and operating panoramic glazing, as well as its complete safety.

sliding windows to the terracesliding glazing terracesaluminum glazed terraces

Experts of our company quickly and efficiently design, manufacture, deliver and install sliding aluminum doors to the terrace or glaze your veranda in any desired way. We guarantee an excellent quality and reliability of products, as well as high-level service.


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