Sliding walls

Open space becomes more and more popular. Team spirit, an ability to interact quickly with your colleagues, saving of space and funds for maintenance or renting a room. But sometimes it is possible to cope with a difficult task only in a calm quiet environment, where no one pulls you every 5-10 minutes, or you need to hold a presentation or to run important negotiations?

This is where sliding walls are irreplaceable assistant. Using them, it is possible freely to control the space, change it at your discretion, with the maximum return, using every square meter. You can arrange a meeting room, separate room for employees engaged in an important project, a convention hall or a meeting room for important partners and guests. You can change the layout of the space in a few minutes.

Sliding acoustic walls:

  • keep important negotiations in secret;
  • secure from noise and fuss, allowing you to concentrate on an important task;
  • provide an opportunity for landlords to manage the space flexibly, when lending office space;
  • save a lot of space, providing high functionality of the room.


Sliding walls today are in demand not only among owners and tenants of office premises, but also it can be applied for schools, hotels, cafes and restaurants, conference halls and cinemas. They make the workspace “smart”, allow you to remove boundaries to achieve the maximum efficiency from the used area. Depending on the needs, the partitions are made with sound insulation from 36 to 55 dB.

One more important advantage of sliding walls – fast assembling, in comparison with stationary partitions.

The walls themselves and guides are manufactured and customized at the factory. The construction is assembled at the place of installation. The work takes no more than two working days.

Sliding walls are not just a modern format of space organization, but in present-day world it is a necessity.

Our company will help to manage office premises effectively. We have our own production facility. With attention to detail, diligence, compliance with deadlines and strict quality control, we have gained the trust of leading manufacturers of profile systems and large companies. We give 10 years warranty for our products as a confirmation of the high quality of our work.



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