Aluminum Sliding Systems

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Sliding systems vary based on the type of opening:

  1. Sliding – this is the simplest type, when after turning the door-handle, the leaf moves aside at the same level. It is mostly used in cold profile systems.
  2. Lifting-and-sliding – allows to construct more hermetic type of sliding system. When after turning the door-handle the leaf rises from the mounting seat and slides. It is used in warm profile systems.
  3. Harmonica – the leaves fold in one direction, creating a semblance of an accordion. This is one of the most compact types of opening, which provides the maximum of space.
  4. Parallelly-sliding – are manufactured on the base of window systems. When you turn the door-handle, the leaf moves out of the mountain seat and slides parallely to the axle of the the construction.

Lifting-and-sliding constructions Reynaers CP155LS



Sliding aluminium doors Reynaers CP155LS – is a first-class heat-insulating system that allows you to create unique architectural solutions and maximally increase the space of your house. CP155LS (lift & slide) – is a lifting-and-sliding construction. In the closed position, the leaf is lowered and pressed, thereby ensuring tightness and high energy-saving properties. Do you want to create a whole glass wall that can be removed in one motion? No problem. The maximum leaf size is 2.7 x 3.5 m. At the same time it will protect from heat, cold, wind, rain and snow. Thermal insulation is at a level of 0.66 m2 ° C / W. Various versions are possible:

  • monorail with one or two blind leaves and one or two moving leaves;
  • double-rail construction with two or four leaves;
  • three-rail with three or six leaves, etc.

To maximize the space of opening, it is possible to use pockets – the leaves of the door will completely hide inside the wall, when opening. It is also possible to use electric motors for opening. If you want to create a maximally comfortable access, it is possible to make a construction without a door step. Warm sliding systems CP155Ls – are an ideal solution if you want to create a comfortable, unique atmosphere and observe picturesque landscapes, when sitting in your favourite  armchair, instead of looking at grey walls. They are also suitable for arranging outlet to the backyard, to the pool, to the winter garden or to the loggia, as an alternative to conventional doors.

Lifting-and-sliding constructions Reynaers CP130



Reynaers Concept Patio (CP) 130 – is a heat insulating sliding system, providing, perfect insulation of the premises and top-level protection against burglary. Due to difficult configuration, the profile is light-weighted and rigid. Has a great load-carrying ability. It can carry the leaves with the weight of up to 300 kilos and a surface area over 7 square meters (2.7 х 2.7 м). Reynaers sliding systems CP 130 are available with the different types of opening. But the most popular one is lifting-and-sliding system (CP 130 LS). It has the maximum thermal  insulation properties at the level of 0,64 м2°C/W. High hermiticity is provided by the tight pressing of the leaf against the frame of the construction in the closed position and using of two compaction circuits. Warm sliding systems Reynaers – are an ideal choice for creating modern and functional space. Total surface area of the glazing (an option with 3 leaves) can be over 36 square meters. Reynaers CP 130 systems allow to create wide exits. They are an ideal option for glazing of green houses and are a great alternative for conventional door to a balcony,  terrace or a backyard.

Harmonica-door Reynaers CF77 – to be closer to the nature



Harmonica-door Concept Folding 77 (CF77) – is a clear evidence that Reynaers is the brand №1 at the market of the the sliding aluminium systems. The system has been worked through to the smallest details and possesses all the advantages of alternative technologies: simplicity and convenience in use, high thermal insulation properties and maximum opening width. Harmonica-door widen the boundaries of your house. In few motions you easily move the whole wall aside. Thus, uniting your dwelling with the environment. This is an ideal option if you want to turn your house in a unique lounge-zone. Where you can have parties or just spend time with your family.CF77 is compatible with constructions of the Reynaers CS line. Reynaers CF77 are supplied with the three types of door steps:

  • high – for the maximum thermal insulation;
  • low – for the maximum comfort of access;
  • rising – combines high hermeticity and a convenience of use.

For the comfortable use of the system in winter or just  when the harmonica-door is closed, working leaf, which can be used as a conventional door is designed. Harmonica-door Reynaers CF 77 – is a wide range for designers as well. There are two types of facades for your choice: functional and Slim-Line. The profile can be painted at any colour, laminated as a wood or stone.

Sliding system Reynaers Hi-Finity

Reynaers Hi-Finity

Reynaers Hi-Finity

Modern sliding systems radically transformed the appearance of modern houses. Walls made of glass and metal from floor to ceiling, which can be moved in an instant – these designs have become a “Must Have” element in modern buildings. They make houses look light and allow you to create a modern interior, with a relaxed, free environment. You can expose the dwelling to the surrounding world in an instant, and the same quickly close it, to protect from the weather factors like heat or cold. Sliding systems Hi-Finity are the best solution if you want to combine comfort, beauty, reliability and ease of interior. Thoughtful design, with thin, barely noticeable frames and excellent energy-saving properties are highly appreciated by experts from all over the world. This thin profile withstands massive double-glazed windows weighing up to 500 kg for mobile leaves and up to 1200 kg for solid leaves. The locking mechanism is reliably hidden from both intruders’ and your eyes – nothing prevents you from enjoying beautiful views. For maximum convenience, the installation of the electric drive is provided. Just imagine, the half-ton leaf is shifted by pressing one button. The construction made of metal and glass is also very warm. It corresponds to modern standards of energy-saving construction. Hermeticity of the structure is 600 Pa.

Sliding constructions Reynaers CP68

Reynaers CP 68 is a thermally insulated sliding aluminum system with all the advantages of modern aluminum profiles. It has thin, barely noticeable frames, elegant profile shape and excellent load-bearing capacity. The profile can easily withstand a double-glazed window with a weight of up to 160 kg and a size of 2.5 x 1.5 m. Good heat-saving properties are ensured by the presence of polymer thermal bridge, which prevents the heat leak. CP 68 is an affordable solution, an ideal choice if you do not need the maximum energy-saving properties, but you want a reliable and elegant system that will protect from the weather factors and give a comfortable environment. Several options for opening are available: sliding, lifting-and-sliding and parallelly-sliding. CP 68 are stylish, refined sliding windows and doors, an excellent alternative to conventional swivel solutions. Suitable for installation on a balcony or loggia, instead of the usual doors to the backyard, to the terrace or to the winter garden.

Sliding system Etem E70

Lifting-and-sliding structure Etem E70 is a reliable solution that confidently copes with any weather adversities. The depth of the frame of 70 mm allows you to mount warm double-glazed windows up to 5 cm thick and what is the most importantly, weighing up to 400 kg. Despite its refined appearance, the profile can easily bear massive glazing. Sometimes, it is impossible to believe that the almost imperceptible design of glass and metal, which opens unique panoramas directly from your favorite chair or bed, reliably protects you against cold or drafts in winter and heat in summer, when it is closed. To prevent heat leak inside of the profile, polyamide inserts are provided. An improved draught strips made of Q-lon retain high hermeticity over a wide temperature range. Warm sliding systems Etem E70 are an ideal option for making doors to the backyard to the pool, winter garden or terrace. They look organic in shops, restaurants and cafes.

Lifting-and-sliding constructions Etem E50

Sliding aluminum systems Etem E50 are an elegant solution for creating unique designs of glass and metal. Thin profiles are hardly distinguishable and will not prevent you from enjoying the superb landscapes outside the window. This is a heat-insulated system that is suitable for glazing balconies, loggias, winter gardens, terraces, hotels, retail and office facilities. It is possible to install warm double-glazed windows up to 32 mm thick. In the closed position, the movable leaf is tightly pressed against the frame, protecting against drafts, cold and heat. If you want to equip the widest opening space, for nothing to prevent you from enjoying the fresh air or you just want to have an empty passage between the house and the street during parties and gatherings with friends, it is possible to construct pockets in the walls, where you can completely hide the sliding doors in the open position. On your choice, variants with one movable and one solid leaves are available. Also, two, three, four and more movable leaves on double rails are available.

Sliding systems Ponzio (Italy)

Ponzio SL1600 is a lifting-and-sliding system, which is meant for creating constructions with high heat-insulating capacities. Ponzio – aluminum system of the Italian brand , which competes on an equal footing with more eminent manufacturers. The company offers two variants of SL1600 sliding systems:

  • Plus – with high heat-transfer coefficient Uf from 2,1 W/m2K$
  • HI – with the heat-transfer of the profile from 1,8 W/m2K.

High thermal insulation is provided by two rows of thermal bridges and an improved draught strips system. The system confidently withstands double-glazed windows with a mass of up to 400 kg and a height of up to 3.5 m, while the depth of profiles for the leaves is only 67 mm. It so simple to enjoy picturesque landscapes and to be closer to the nature with Ponzio sliding doors. The width of the profile for the frame is 160 mm for a system with two guide rails and 210 with three. The monorail can be installed. For the most comfortable access to the premises a variant with a low door still is provided. The system can be equipped with electric drive, to open the doors automatically.

Lifting-and-sliding constructions Alumil S560

Alumil S560 is an excellent lifting-and-sliding system, which is suitable for small and huge doorways and window areas. Panoramic exit to the loggia or to the pool is a reality with these systems.  Aluminum profiles with a width of only 56 mm are able to cope with massive double-glazed windows up to 44 mm thick and weighing up to 300 kg. You can unite the living room or bedroom together with the backyard and turn them into a huge area for recreation and parties. In closed position, sliding doors Alumil S560 retain the effect of lightness and spaciousness. Visible joint is only 4.9 cm. Sliding windows and doors let a maximum of light into your house. Taken all this in all they protect from adverse weather conditions and save heat. Thermal insulation is at the level of Uf from 2.2 to 4.6 W / m2. Stainless steel rails with polished surface provide an easy, quiet ride. For burglary protection installation of triplex glass and multi-point locks is provided.

Sliding constructions Alumil S650

Alumil S650 – innovative sliding systems from the Greek manufacturer. The ideal solution for creating large-scale openings, panoramic exits, glazing of winter gardens and terraces. Refined, barely noticeable profiles with a width of only 6.2 cm and a height of 22/32 mm confidently withstand giant insulating glass units with the  weight up to 600 kg. The width of the junction is only 2.5 cm. With these systems you will enjoy a panoramic view and will feel surrounded by nature, just relaxing on your favorite chair in the living room or lying in bed. The design of the systems is thought through to the smallest details.Rollers and rails are made of ground stainless steel, thus providing a smooth and silent opening. It takes a minimum of effort to move a massive leaf. Even a child can cope with this. If this is not enough, you can order a system with an electric drive, to open it automatically. There are hidden grooves for the drainage in the construction. This prevents water from spilling, when you open the door after a rain. The cherry on top is its perfect thermal insulation. Massive leaves practically do not conduct heat. Inside of the aluminum profile there is a polyamide thermal bridge, reinforced with fiberglass. Thermal insulation – Uw = 1,1 W / m²K. It is an ideal choice for the construction of houses with high heat-saving properties.

Lifting-and-Sliding systems Alutech SL160

SL160 – is a lifting-and-sliding system of the Belarusian manufacturer Alutech. The manufacturer took all the best from existing analogues and created universal solution that has high heat-saving properties, lightness and sophisticated appearance. Thin, barely visible profiles allow to install double-glazed windows with a surface area over 10 square meters (3.3 x 3.3 m) and a thickness of up to 5 cm. Warm sliding doors blur the boundaries between the interior of your house and the outside world, exposing your dwelling to the nature. Massive door leaves with a mass of up to 400 kg are easy to open and it is also easy to control the process. With stainless steel guides and rollers, blocking mechanism and a reliable lock you will experience a real pleasure,every time when you open or close sliding systems Alutech SL160 Sliding systems Alutech SL160 have an excellent thermal-insulating properties. Thermal transmission is 1 W / m² С C ̊. Polyamide thermal bridge Anti Bi-Metal, which is 32 mm thick prevents heat conduction. Combined draught strips prevent penetration of a cold or hot air into the premises.The visible thickness of the frames is only 4.5 cm, they are hardly noticeable and do not prevent natural light from penetration. The lower part of the frame can be “drowned” in the floor, so the threshold is low and will not interfere with you and your guests.

Sliding systems Profilco PR45

Profilco PR45 is a robust and reliable profile system. You will feel yourself as in the tower of strength. The system protects from noise, dust, heat and cold. A 16 mm thick polyamide bridge is installed inside of the profile, which prevents heat transmission in both ways. Sliding structures Profilco PR45 are an excellent option for winter gardens, great alternative to conventional swivel doors to the balcony, loggia or terrace. Warm sliding systems are comfortable in operating. Rollers of an increased diameter (2.9 cm) made of stainless steel together with anodized guides and shock absorbers ensure a smooth, noiseless movement. Multi-point locks provide reliable protection against burglary.

Sliding systems Profilco PR35

Cold sliding system Profilco PR35 is an ideal option for the implementation of large-scale projects. Glazing of terraces, winter gardens, shopping pavilions, gazebos, zoning of space in offices or shopping malls – all this can be done with this system. At the same time it preserves lightness and a sense of space. You can apply it anywhere  you don’t need high thermal insulation properties and the only requirement is easiness of opening and entering. Thin, barely noticeable profiles with a mounting depth of only 35 mm can be completed with a mono-glass or double-glazed window with a thickness of up to 22 mm. The elements of the whole structure are perfectly adjusted one to another. Additionally, the contour of the sealers is provided. The sliding door in the closed position reliably protects against wind, dust, noise, rain and snow. Additional profile, enlarged rollers (29 cm) made of stainless steel, anodized guides – all this increases the service life, ensures smooth and quiet movement. The system is ideal for intensive use.

Sliding constructions Profilco PR26

Light, sophisticated, elegant … Cold sliding systems Profilco PR26 are suitable for assembling small and medium translucent structures. An ideal alternative to conventional swing doors, like doors to a balcony, entrance to the terrace or to the winter garden. Compatible with window systems PR 52. Profilco PR26 is primarily a non-isolated reduced-weight design with the maximum functionality. In the areas of friction, improved alloys are used, providing an increased endurance. Due to this, sliding doors are not afraid of intensive exploitation. This is an ideal option for installation in cafes, shops, space division in offices and shopping malls. Profiles can be completed with either a mono-glass or a double-glazed window with a thickness of up to 22 mm to reduce energy losses. All elements are tightly fitted. Thus, high hermeticity and protection against various weather factors and noise are provided, when the door is in closed position.If burglary-prevention is needed, then special locks with 6 locking points are available.

Sliding harmonica doors Profilco PR48

Harmonica doors Profilco PR48 is a unique system and a perfect fit, if you want to embody an inimitable architectural ideas. These are cold profiles, which easily help to expose your house to the surrounding nature. You can unite your living-room or bedroom with your backyard or the swimming pool are and enjoy the landscape, just sitting in your favourite armchair or lying in bed. Profiles can be completed with double-glazed windows with glass up to 5 mm thick. Inside, there is enough space (5.5 cm) to install the blinds. The manufacturer has taken care of both: the privacy of your life and the protection from the scorching sun in sultry weather. The harmonica-doors are compatible with other profile solutions of the brand. They are suitable for installation in private houses, winter gardens, greenhouses, cafes, restaurants and can be used as partitions in office premises. Our experts have over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing of sliding systems. They will help you choose the type of the doors, based on your needs. Will render all the necessary services, provide with maintenance and post-warranty service. We give 5 years warranty. All our systems of sliding doors are certified, have test reports and, if used correctly, will last for many years.

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