All-glass Structures

In contrast to aluminum partitions, all-glass office partitions from the “USG” company (Kiev) have not only a larger area, but also a lighter and more aesthetic look.
The feature of mounting all-steel partitions is that the profile, the visible part of which is not more than 25 mm, is attached only to the ceiling, walls and floor, and the entire plane is filled with glass. The glass sections are joined toe-to-toe, leaving an almost invisible technological gap. This principle of attachment gives the whole structure lightness, airiness, and the space looks more volume and modern.
For the production of glass partitions we use special tempered glass of 10-12 mm thickness, which has a high strength, resistant to mechanical stress and temperature extremes.

Glass partition constructions

Glass partitions can be made in a design with pendulum or retractable all-glass doors.
Pendulum door which opens in or out, returns to its original state after opening, or may be fixed in the open position.
Retractable glass door, which drive off to the side when opened, is perfect for doorways in small rooms, which will significantly save space without blocking the passage.
The “USG” company manufactures transforming all-glass partitions, with fastening on a hanging rail, which helps not only to favorably save space, but also preserves the integrity of the floor covering, since all the fastening of the structure is carried out to the ceiling.

Advantages of glass partition

• integrated functional approach to room design;
• zoning and space increase;
• maximum daylight throughput;
• simplicity and ease of use of sliding systems;
• security
• the possibility of decorating the glass.
The “USG” company will install all-glass partitions in Kiev in a short time and for a hardy fair price.
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