Winter Gardens

Winter gardens glazing

A winter garden made of aluminum extrusions of a warm series will improve the quality of your life and ensure maximum comfort in harmony with nature, regardless of the weather and season.
Our winter gardens are modern and functional systems that meet all the requirements for quality, durability, safety and design.
Winter gardens require a special approach in the design and manufacturing process. Our highly qualified specialists will help you to implement all your ideas.

The advantages of the winter garden of aluminum extrusion

• Winter garden made of aluminum is environmentally friendly, as aluminum itself is an environmentally friendly material.
• Constructions of a winter garden from aluminum don’t emit harmful substances under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.
• The aluminum winter garden doesn’t respond to temperature extremes.
• Profile system of the winter garden doesn’t support combustion.
• The translucent design of the aluminum winter garden has a long service life (about 50 years.)

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